Quinne Socrates (quinnesocrates) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Quinne Socrates

do I need "the big one?"

Hi guys. So, I'm 27, sexually active, but never been pregnant.

I've had the same Diva size 1 for 5 years and just lost it.

I'm going to buy a new cup, but I think I might need a bigger one. For the first several years I had it, it was perfect. Didn't leak a bit! But about 2 years ago, it started to leak a little pretty consistently on heavier days. I thought it might have been because my new (well, not so new now, but new at the time) boyfriend was, ahem, quite well-endowed genitally, or maybe I've just gotten to the age where stuff widens? I know the Diva says size 1 till your 30, but all the others seem to say 25, and that's when I started having problems.

Basically, since I have to buy a new one anyway, do you think I should go up a size, or maybe switch to a wider brand? I'm also afraid of it being too big, and since these things aren't cheap I only want to buy one.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.
Tags: age, sizes/size issues

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