October 24th, 2018

I can't insert the cup at all

I'm a brand new cup user and I cannot even put the cup in past the rim without hurting or finding myself unable to insert it in further. I'm using a medium Meluna Sport (maybe I should try another?
If so, please recommend me.) I once was able to go half way, but then could not take it out without it feeling like I was tearing and there was lots of crying. (It eventually did come out.) I need serious help. I've tried different folds, positions, adding water- nothing works and I'm ready to give up. It's been 4 cycles now and to be honest, after my last attempt I am scared a bit to try again. I really want to use a cup, but it feels like everything is against me considering I can't insert it even. Is there anything I can do to make inserting easier?