dream in japanese. (osweetcarolina) wrote in menstrual_cups,
dream in japanese.

Diva cup leaking

I got my Diva Cup a few days ago. At first, I love it - no problems, but then when I reach my heavy days it starts leaking. I'm twisting and feel like it's inserted far enough. I won't go up any farther. I can feel it expand but when I feel with my finger its somewhat flattened, but still right up against the wall of my vagina. I have very heavy periods which I why I tried the cup in the first place (tampons just don't cut it - I can fill the cup most of the way in just a few hours) but there's kindof no point in using it if it leaks. It also is uncomfortable to remove - the rim gets stuck at the beginning of my vagina for a few seconds and it does not feel good. Any tips? I don't want to give up on this but I can't deal with the insecurity of leaking.
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