November 18th, 2017

Cleaning/sterilising between cycles

Hi everyone! I'm looking for advice for cleaning my cup between cycles. Will definitely venture into TMI, just to pre-warn you!

A bit of background, I've had my cups (Fleurcup, one of each size) for about 18 months and think they're great! At the moment I'm washing the cup with unscented intimate wash each day that I use it and then again once I'm finished, then using Milton liquid to sterilise (sometimes for up to 24hrs because I forget) and leaving it to dry before putting it away in a cloth pouch. My problem is a recent pap-smear found a slight infection. I took the antibiotics and tablets to help the good bacteria, everything was fine, then after my next period I think I'm noticing similar symptoms again! What's worse is we are trying to get pregnant, so I'm paying a lot more attention to what is going on down there, and an infection will make it a lot harder!

I'm going to reread everything on here about cleaning and sterilising but just wondering if anyone has any other tips!
Thanks in advance 😁
  • astorea

Newbie seeks advice!

Hi everyone

I recently started using a cup, and I really love it!

My problem: cervix moves a lot, it's very low the first 1-2 days of the cycle and then wanders extremely high up the following days, so I end up spending aroung 10 minutes retrieving my cup...

My cup: I use a small LadyCup, which I really like because it's small and it's firm enough to endure trainings. As stated above my cervix is very low on day 1 of the cycle, so I ended up trimming the stem off completely.

My question: I'm looking for a cup for my light days and here is where I need your opinion! I have considered following options:
- Buy a 2nd LadyCup and fit the stem for light days and high cervix
- Buy a NaturCup size I since it's considerably longer than a small LadyCup but it has the same diameter
- Buy a small Diva (small diameter, long body)
- Lily is a no go for me

What are your opinions? Do you have other suggestions?