July 26th, 2017

MC user thinking of getting an IUD

Hello all, this is my first time posting here. Sorry if this is repetitive but I haven't found anything for my specific case.

I'm 19, been using the diva cup size 1 since I was 14. No kids, and not a virgin. I have been using an arm implant for birth control but it's about to expire, and I was thinking of switching over to an IUD, but I'm really scared of pulling it out, and I am really happy with the diva cup and I don't want to switch to a different one. Is the diva cup okay with an IUD? Should I just continue with the side effects of my arm implant? Should I switch to a different cup, or a different product all together?

Is my cup too soft?

Hello. I've been having a bit of trouble with my cup and before I buy a new one, I'd like to have a second opinion. I don't have the funds to make a bad purchase.

Small summary of my cup experience:
In November 2016 i bought a MeLuna cup. I got a Classic M size with a ball stem, which I later trimmed off completely. Back then it worked perfectly both on dry runs and during my 6day (3d heavy, 3d low flow) period. I always wear a panty liner for my own comfort, but every pantyliner stayed clean for the entire period. Even during my sports activities (pilates, aerobics and body toning). It would get full to the holes on heavy days after 6h, but even then no excessive leaking.

Since I cannot afford my period ever month due to school and outdoor activities, it was only around April next year I got my next period. Im on the pill and have been for years already (to sooth the bleeding and make me able to function during my period). During this time I noticed I had trouble popping open the cup and it would leak slightly. I am certain I inserted it well and it worked perfectly earlier in November 2016. The cup was OK as long as i didn't have my period (i like to start wearing the cup early to get used to inserting it again), but the moment my flow starts and my vaginal walls get to deal with more moisture, it will rather turn around inside than pop open. The same exepericen I have now, july, as i retry to use it. I do feel like it's become even more prone to leaking.

I do love my MeLuna cup, but I'm starting to think I might need a firmer (MeLuna Sport) cup? My current cup DOES get a vacuum (i have to "break" it to take out the cup) but it does not seal properly. I can also feel air escape as the cup half-fills. I do always check the small holes and i make sure it's completely open and there are no bumps left in the cup once it's inserted and that the rim is around my cervix. It would make sense if i need a Sport cup, as i go to the gym about 3 times a week, but i am not that strong/muscly nor do i really train a lot for it. For me sports is more of a healthy routine and I only attend for fun.

I am in doubt though, as I don't want to spend my saved money on a wrong cup. My MeLuna M Classic was the first cup i ever bought and used, and it changed my life. Im a bit sad to notice it wont seal as well anymore! It was the first time in ever i was able to function normally my entire week, without a single moment my period got in the way.

Can I be sure it's got to do with the firmness of the cup and not the (rim)size? Do you think a M Sport cup could help me out? Does it matter that I trimmed the ball off (now it got no grip at all, as it was the only uncomfortable bit of the cup) as it does have a bit more space to move at the bottom now?

To help out i have included a small bio of me:
22 years old, no births, heavy flow but defenitely not as heavy as it used to be without the pill 3 days and 3 days medium/low flow and my cervix is located at average height even during period. I insert the cup rather high, so my cervix does sit slightly in the cup, but this was no problem before.