April 18th, 2017

How much is too much

Hey all, new to the cup world and working on day 2. I'm using a Diva Cup and I'm having some crazy concerns. Since Monday morning, I've had 6 over flowing cup fulls and it's rather alarming. I knew I had heavy cycles but it's like a murder scene every four hours. Any suggestions? I've contacted my Gyn and waiting on a call back.

The second concern is the height of my cervix. When inserting, I'm having trouble getting the cup seated correctly or to open up. Takes a good 3-4 minutes of squatting, relaxing, pushing, rotating, tugging...it's literally a mess. Again, anyone else have this issue?

All my friends that use cups don't seem to be in the same boat as me and I'm at the point of giving up. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • cj298

New to menstrual cups

Hey everyone,I'm a 14 year old girl who jumped on the menstrual cup bandwagon a few months ago. I have really heavy periods and pads weren't doing anything for me. My periods are so heavy I have to wear an overnight pad to school and at around eleven o clock after going to school at nine I have most likely leaked. I'm tired of having to leave school to change and I hate the embarrassment of leaving orangey-brown marks on my seat.(fyi I attend a uniform school so we can't just throw on another pair of random pants and go) So late one night I bought a mooncup online. I didn't have many other options as the mooncup was the only cup that was sold in my area so I bought it. I was so excited when it came in the post, I tore open the box and raced to the bathroom to slip it in but It looked massive when I took it out of the bag. It was the smallest size but it looked like I was about to shove a milk jug up there. After many hours of reasearch and different folds over a number of days I finally got it in. I was holding the base of the cup while the other half was inside my vagina. I was reassuring myself that it was gonna be okay so I pushed a little further and I assumed it had popped open. I couldn't even feel it inside me. I could still feel the majority of the stem was outside me so either I have a low cervix or I just hadn't moved at all to make the cup naturally rise up. It was great until I heard my parents calling for me for dinner so I tried yanking it out and it was unbearably sore. I managed to get it out after pulling it out at a sort of slant but the pain was really uncomfortable and it scared me pretty bad.( never used tampons so maybe I'm over exaggerating) So now fast forward a few months and My mooncup is sitting in my drawer locked away and I'm absolutely terrified of it. I also have to go back to school soon after the Easter break and I have a lot of important classes coming up that I can't miss because of a leak. I'm really hoping that someone can help me get over this fear so I can have some peace of mind during my period. Thank you :)