March 4th, 2017

Merula cup - good option for a dangly cervix?

Hello everyone!

I've been using my small Lunette for a year now but it's annoying since I have a very dangly cervix and I get random gushes of blood. I only ever manage to fill it up to the middle of the two lines (which I'm guessing is only like 10ml?).
Anyway, I've been thinking of trying this brand new cup on the market - the Merula!
It's short and has a high capacity (38ml). It also is quite firm. It would be a great option for people with a low cervix and a heavy flow. But would it be suitable for me? Not sure... because I'm guessing the cup would just ride up and the cervix would waste space in the cup...? Either way I'm thinking I might give it a try - at least there would still be more space for the blood than lower capacity cups...?

Thank you for the advice and have a great day!
(*feeling hopeful*)

Irritation when using Menstrual Cup

Hello!! I've been using the menstrual cup for 3 cycles now and I love it!

I find towards the end of my period, my vagina gets very irritated. The walls of my vagina will get swollen and rigid. I figured this was because when I trimmed the stem, it wasn't a clean cut, therefore it was rubbing against me and irritating it. I trimmed it more so that it would be even.

I had the cup in last night for about 12-13 hours, woke up, changed it immediately. When I took it out, I realized that I didn't really bleed and didn't need to have it in. It had a bad smell, it was covered in brown and white gunk/thick discharge and my vagina was very irritated. I immediately cleaned the diva cup, and took a shower to clean my vagina with hot water.

I have this similar experience the last couple days of my period, where it's smelly, I have thick discharge afterwards, and my vagina is irritated. I feel like it's giving me a yeast infection.. I clean the diva cup well with hot water and a little bit of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser each time I remove it, and reinsert it. Before each period, I will boil my diva cup. I'm not sure what is wrong, and why it's irritating me this way. I love my diva cup and I don't want to stop using it, but it's really irritating me by the end of my period.