February 28th, 2017

First time Diva Cup user

Hello community!

I'm a first time Diva Cup user and am having a hell of a time. I had it fine on day one, no leaks, it auctioned, couldn't feel it, no issues. Next day it seems to keep sliding down and all it has done is leak. Overnight was the worst leaking I have ever had and when I removed the Cup, it wasn't over full or anything.

I think I have a "dangly" cervix but I really don't know, I've never been one to get right up in there and explore. I've had two children (both c-sections) and have the size 2 cup. I've tried turning it inside out but it still leaks and it's really hard to get out.

Any advice would be appreciated, I really want this to work!!

Thanks so much :)