February 14th, 2017

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New cup user, is it open?

Hi, I just got my first cup, the Organicup size A. I've been able to fold it and get it inserted without a problem, but I don't know how you tell if it has popped open? Trying to run my finger around the edge of the cup it doesn't feel folded but sort of.. flattened.. is that just the nature of er, where it is and the fact that it's flexible, or should it feel round like it does just sat on the table? Also, how on Earth do you do the twist to make sure it's sealed, there's no space up there for fiddling! (I'm expecting my period in around a week so I was only having a practice run as it's brand new!)

New cup, new problems!

I'm 35 and after 13 years with the Diva 1 I decided I was tired of the leaking and maybe it was time to go up a size and give the Lunette a try while I was at it. Yes, I was lured by the colour options!
My periods are changing, shorter cycle, heavier flow. I thought because of my age and child bearing status (even though it was a surgical birth) meant it was time to size up.

I have leaked more terribly than I ever have in my whole life. Dripping down my legs in a flood, staining the couch, like I don't even have a cup in. Blood is going in the cup, however it's only half full when I leak. I'm inserting it the same as ever.

I should be a pro at this but I'm a bit baffled and frustrated. Any tips are welcome!