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it hurts my frickin pubic bone

so im 13 and for the past year and a half i've been dying to get a cup so yesterday i finnaly got one at whole foods when my dad thought i was at the bookstore. anyways i got the diva cup. im a virgin and my hymen is still intact. when i first was putting it in i was really nervous it would hurt. luckily it didnt hurt that much but it was a bit uncomfortable and it hurt a little taking it out but im not sure if it was all the way open. last night i kept trying to put it in and it just wasnt going very well. i cant get in the c-fold, like many virgins, and the punch-down fold wouldnt open all the way, i tryed pushing it up further but it just wouldnt budge. for me the triangle/extreme 7 fold hurt real bad cause when it was unfolding   it was pushing up against my pubic bone (or g-spot im not really sure) and it hurt really bad. today i tryed the 7 fold with the 7 facing me but that was hitting my pubic bone/ g- spot and it hurt so bad. its really hard to push it up further. its also hard to insert it probably because of my hymen but i think it might just be hitting my pubic bone which makes it  kinda hard. i tryed doing it in the shower that didnt work either. the only fold that actually inserted easily( well easier than the others) was the 7 fold  but again it hurt really bad when it was unfolding. i just really want this to work cause im tired of stupid tampons and pads.

so my questions are:

for the 7 fold should i just face the 7 downwards or to another side?
how do i get it to move up a little more?
how can i get it to unfold a little farther up?
how should i get it to unfold just in general?
for the triangle fold and push-down fold how do i get it to open straight cause when i insert it its inserted at an angle so it opens up side ways how do i get it to go straight?
what are some other folds that open up easily for the divacup

heres a question that i didnt mention in the paragraph

when it unfolds is it going to be comletely in a circle or will your muscles squeeze it so its not completely round cause when when i run my finger along it after its inserted its not comletely round is that okau?

anyway thanks for the help you guys give, its nice to be virtually surrounded by people who know what they are talking about.
Tags: age, divacup, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, popping open, virginity
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