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I need some advice on popping open

Hi ladies, new user here.  I"m doing a dry run to get the hang of things and some things just don't seem right or aren't working as I had hoped.

First I have a large Lady Cup.  Secondly I tried insertion with and without lubrication and had the same results.

I have a hard time keeping my cup folded but I've tried the punch down and the C fold.  I can not get the cup to pop open.  Here is what I'm feeling so please tell me what you think.  I feel the cup itself is squashed inside of me but it feels like the rim (ONLY) is fully opened against my vagina walls.  I even pressed the rim together to allow air up there to see if that would pop open the cup but still I get the same results.  Rim is open but cup itself is all smooshed together.

Secondly upon removing.  Even though I'm getting into the rim and pushing to break the seal it seems (maybe because the cup is staying mashed and not opening) that the suction really isn't breaking.  When I get to the opening and start to take the cup out I have a very loud whooshing air sucking sound.  Why is this?

I tried to do a few other folds and found that my fingers were just too 'little sausage' to pull off.  I have a hard time with the punch down because I get my finger stuck inside the fold and when I pull it out I undo the fold!  I also tried the diamond fold but I am totally hopeless with that one.  I can't figure out how to do that one even with the pics it just doesn't seem to compute with me.

Anyhow, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Mary Ann
Tags: popping open, seal & suction

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