December 2nd, 2016

  • chipie

looking for a stiff cup similar to the lunette

Hi everyone!  I've had a large Lunette cup for years and am looking for a replacement.  I like it, though I do find that it leaks.  I suspect that it's because I don't change it often enough (I'd probably have to change it every 2h or more on a heavier day).

Anyway, I felt that it was getting old/possibly contributing to me getting yeast infections and decided to replace it.  I wanted to try a cheaper cup so I got a Fleurcup.  I like the size and shape of it, but find it too soft.

Any suggestions of a cup similar to both of those but stiffer?  Ideally cheaper than the Lunette...  I'm in Canada but could get one shipped to Canada or the US.

Thank you!!