October 31st, 2016

Stem broke

So I've been using the large Super Jeannie and love it. It's the right capacity for me on my heavy days and long enough that I usually don't have problems removing it. But the stem is so flimsy that I accidentally tore off the ball of it. Now the stem is a tad too short for me to easily remove the cup. I can feel it but and the base of the cup but sometimes have a hard time getting a good grip.

I'm wanting a cup about the same size but has a better stem. I know there are seize charts but thought I would ask you if you have any recommendations?

Dropped in filthy toilet! Help!

I was at my friend's house this morning and while emptying my Diva Cup I dropped it in the toilet. I have no idea when this toilet was last cleaned because it was absolutely filthy! There was crud all over the bowl and I honestly just thought about leaving it there but I didn't... 😷

So my question is should I toss it or can it be salvaged?

Thanks for any help!