September 3rd, 2016


Another second cup question.

Obligatory first time poster long time lurker. You guys helped me so much for the past 9 months and I'm now a very happy menstrual cup user. However I do have a couple of questions. I already read the FAQ and a gazillion post. I'm looking for your opinions so here it goes.
1.- I am considering a second cup. I bought my first cup named "femcup" (the greek one?) and everything has been quite okay. I mean, I had to get through the learing curve and all that, but right now I feel very comfortable using my cup if not for a small detail: It won't open. I mean, it will, yeah, eventually. I am a master at "manually" opening the cup. I push, pull, twist, take out, fold again, get in, push with a finger, rotate, the whole deal. I am ALWAYS able to open the cup, but as you may know or imagine, it gets bothersome. Thing is, the first couple of months of my use of the cup I could actually feel the thing pop open without me having to do a thing. I got it in, let it go and "pop", but for the past 4 months it just doesnt happen. Everytime I empty the cup I have to do the whole deal. And now that I am a master at opening it, I want a second cup. I would guess mine is quite soft, but that is just a guess since the cup is not on the charts and since I am in Mexico I have close to 0 oportunities to compare cups. So, a stiffer cup should be just what I need to make it pop open easily, right? I don't want super duper stiff but a "middle of the road" would be fine. I was considering a MeLuna Classic. You think that's a good "middle ground" one? My cup holds 15 ml to the second mark and still has some room to spare before the holes and I am okay with that capacity, although of course more capacity good be okay too.
2.- The shape of the cup. Mine looks exactly like a Mia cup and I consider it quite pointy. Now, my cups tends to ride tilted to the right side. like this: /, so I had to trim a bit of the steam to make it comfortable. Do you guys think a different shape cup like the Meluna which is more rounded at the bottom would be better? Would that make it tilt less? Or will the cup do the same? I don't mind it, I know how to reach it and take it out, I´m just quite curious.
3.- I don't have leaking per se, but I do always have to wear a pantiliner to catch drops here ad there. Not much, less than a tea spoon would be my guess (throghout the day). So only residual? If I could stop wearing them then it would be awesome, you think a different shape of cup would help? Is it maybe because my cup is too soft? I don't know, I sometimes kinda feel like my cups is floating in a lot of space everywhere, like, it goes past my pelvic bone and there is a lot of space for the cup to tilt and stuff. Maybe that's just me.

Anyway, basically thoghts? opinions? Maybe I need something rounder like a Lena? a Sckoon? I though about the Meluna because its not that expensive and It's got a lot of options on sizes and stiffness, and that it looks a bit rounder, but if you have any thoughts please share.

EDIT: Also, are there any more "middle of the road" on stiffness cups? Cause the chart does not have any cups on 5 and only one on 6.

EDIT2: Also, for a while I was drawn to the Lily cup, the classic one, but reviews lead me to thik it is also a VERY soft cup and I will have the same problems opening it, right?