June 4th, 2016

Can't stop leaking!

Hey all, I'm quite a new menstrual cup user, currently on my 3rd cycle and I'm having the common problem of near constant leaking. It's not so bad as to need anything more than a pantyliner but it is still annoying. I feel like I'm at a loss. I've tried big, small, soft and hard cups I've tried every fold under the sun, and I know that the cups are opening, but regardless i can not stop the leaking. Additionally, when i then try to remove the cup i find that blood gets everywhere... I've read that it could be that my the cup isn't suctioning to my cervix but rather past my cervix - the problem is, I have a combination of stubby fingers and a very high cervix, so I've no real idea where my cervix is or how to coax it into my cup.

Meanwhile my cup - regardless of which one - does collect a lot of blood, (though I've never seen it more than half full), so i know I'm doing something right - but clearly something wrong too...

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Edit:Also i find every cup i wear has a tendency to create air bubbles... is this normal?

Second edit: OK, so I've just started my 4th cycle and this time tried a yuuki classic for the first time - I had absolutely no leaks! I guess that means the other cups were too soft for me and my muscles were crushing them when i moved around, even if they opened originally. Anyway, thanks for the help! Thought I'd share my joy at finding a cup that works for me haha.