May 11th, 2016

Is removal supposed to be insanely difficult?

I've tried several cups: Diva, Lunette, Femmycycle, and currently Lena. I've had the same issue with all of them, removal is always an ordeal. I bear down and reach for the stem, barely get a hold of it with the tips of my fingernails and pull and pull (losing grip several times from my nail either bending back or just slipperyness) until it feels like the stem is stretched to the point of breaking, fiiiinally get it down low enough for me to grab the base, and painfully pop it out.
It always feels like there's way too much suction. I've read that just squeezing the base is supposed to release suction, but that's never happened. Even if I somehow manage to get a finger up to the rim, I don't feel a suction release until I completely bend the rim inside the cup itself which results in a mess.
Anyway, what am I doing wrong here? I've watched countless videos, read everything I could find, and tried several different cups. I really want to figure this out, please help me :(
  • sikhi

still leakage

Hi, It's taken me a while to get back here after experimenting for a few months, but...well...I got the large Fleur after having a small sized Mexican M Cup and at first it seemed good, definitely more comfortable, although seeming big to get in and out. leaks just as badly as the smaller Mexican one. And it seems to leak straight away really, although not absolutely every time. It is seeming not to seal as it makes air sounds on most movements just after I have put it in, no matter what I try. Sometimes lots as I move. In terms of trying to position it properly around my cervix, like a cup and faucet and then below the faucet as had been suggested to me, although i don't entirely get that, really, I feel I can't do much as I can't reach up that far very well. I can't reach my middle finger up far enough to feel my cervix or top of the cup when it is up as far as it can go to check it is fully open, etc., and I can only just reach the bottom of the cup, quite long as it is. So perhaps I have a high cervix. I've read lots of posts, looked at diagrams of the cervix and am assuming I am missing my cervix off to one side, but...if I can't really reach up there I don't know very well how to position it better, I can only kind of play around with its tab and no matter what I do I still get the vaginal farting sounds straight away. I feel quite defeated on this. I so want a menstrual cup to work for me. I like so much about them, but I just can't continue with all this leaking as I got so used for so many years with tampons not to have any at all and don't want to use pads together with the cup. Any suggestions?