April 1st, 2016


11 ways to recycle your menstrual cup

We don't get a ton of menstrual-cup humour on here, so I thought I'd pass along a link to this (French-language) blog post with its playful photographs - discovered on Meluna Germany's Facebook page.

11 façons de recycler sa coupe menstruelle.

Translated through Google Translate:
11 ways to recycle the menstrual cup

But! The pics don't show for some reason, so definitely open the original page so you can enjoy images like these:

A toilet for a lion.


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P.P.S. And I had NO idea how to tag this! Closest thing I could think of was "sizes/size issues". But I refrained :-)

Should I get a MeLuna shorty?

Hi everyone!

I've started using menstrual cups last September. While my first menstruation with the Mooncup S was leak free, since then my cups leak all the time. I am 34, 5 ft 7, 115 lbs, and very active (classical ballet), so I believe my pelvic muscles must be strong. I am sexualy active but haven't had any pregnancies. Sometimes during my period my cervix sits very high and I can barely touch it, but today I felt it was sitting very low in my vagina, at about 1-1.5 inch. It is definitely tilted and usually sits somewhere on the side of my vaginal wall. Sometimes I have trouble finding it.

So far, I've tried the following cups:
Mooncup S
Lena cup L
Lena cup S
MeLuna XL Sporty

All except the MeLuna cup move up in my vagina. I'm afraid the cups move up, past my cervix, and therefore cause leaks to happen. During heavy days, I experience immediate leaks (like 5 minutes after I insert the cup). I don't think my cervix sits inside the cup, causing it to overflow. I am make sure the cups are popped open when I use them. The Mooncup and large Lena don't seem to form a seal, but I think I can get a seal with the small Lena cup: I can twist it a little and at some point it seems fixed and stops turning. It does move up, however, after some time. The MeLuna seems to have formed a seal too. It certainly doesn't move up and is very wide and, because it is too large, it is a little flattened when I remove it. I bought it because I thought that the firmest, largest cup would work. Although it causes me no discomfort, leaking is even worse with this cup. I've tried to direct the cups towards my cervix, and to wear them inside out, but nothing worked.

I am now thinking of getting a MeLuna M (recommended for me on the MeLuna website) in Sporty, Short, because I think I need the sporty strength, and I hope a short cup would work when my cervix hangs low and the longer cups move past the cervical opening. What I really want to know is: the cups shouldn't move up at all, right? Can people with a high cervix use a short menstrual cup without having it moving up? Do you have any recommendations for me?

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!

Pain after cycle

Hey there!

So I just finished my first cycle using the DivaCup size 2. I'm 28 and one vaginal birth. Everything was great and worked wonderfully and I really do think I'll want to use this method in the future.

However.. Now the my cycle is finished and am not using the cup I found that when I went to stand up from the couch, I had a mild stabbing pain in my vagina... I'm hoping this is normal for a new user of the cup and maybe just the muscles shrinking and relaxing again? Anyone else ever have this? No discharge or itch or smell or anything with it, just pain when bending and standing up or pressure in that area.. Any advice?