March 27th, 2016

New to LiveJournal, menstrual cups and new discovery

March 27th, 2016, 07:09 pm
Still looking for my goldilocks cup, with a new revelation


Not only am I new to this page, I am totally new to LiveJournal--having just broken up with Facebook. LOL. Bear with me, as I am trying to navigate this "way of social media".

My history: five vaginal births, very heavy (nearly hemorrhaging on day 2) flow. Tried cups about 10 years ago--had no real success, and gave up until a few months ago. I first used the Keeper (that was 10 years old, but barely used). I liked the firmness okay, but it was so dried up (ha ha!) that I had to throw it out, and wasn't super happy with it. Tried the Lunette 2--okay, but struggled with folds until I found the punch fold. Still, it slipped down too much. I then got the Sckoon, thinking the width was better--but oh, my--way too soft. I could never get it to open, regardless of the folds I tried. I guess I squeezed it shut. Finally got the Super Jennie--even worse regarding the ability to open it. So far, the Lunette, turned inside out and folded properly, opens the easiest--but isn't lovely, just tolerable. It slides down as well.

I have always considered my cervix high--I have only previously been able to even touch it once. Today--during my day 2--I realized that not only is my cervix NOT high--it is dangly! This COULD explain the problem I have had with every cup--it slides out. I cannot get out of the bathroom without feeling it slide down. IF I get it in "right" on the first day--stuck way in on the first day and up and to my left--it is fine. Once I empty them--they no longer will stay in.

I was strongly thinking I'd order a FemmyCycle. I thought the bulbous shape might be a good bet, and I liked the capacity. Due to my murder-scene-aftermath on day 2, I assumed the capacity of the regular size was the way to go. Now, figuring out my dangly cervix, should I assume to go with the low-cervix model--but what happens with capacity then? At any rate, I am now feeling like going back to square one due to finding out the cervix dangles starting day 2.

Does the dangly cervix explain why the cups slide out? What are my "new" options now with this information?

Please help, and forgive if this question was asked repeatedly but I cannot find it! I am so desperate to make this work. Tampons have been giving me so much pain due to the dryness, I think. Plus, on day 2--I have to change them every 15-20 minutes.
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Finally... Gave in to the Menstrual Cups.

So... tonight is my first time ever using the Menstrual Cup. Honestly I don't know what brand it is... but so far it is ok...

Here is my back story...

I started getting my period at age 11 and I had it bad!!! When I say bad... I mean just that. I had the worst cramps ever in life and I had to trick my mind with different ways to get take away the pain. I would take 5-6 800 Motrins and they would do nothing so eventually I just stopped using them. Over time I'd use a heating pad and suck on ice until I fell asleep and that seemed to help. I don't know why lol. I also would have my period for 2 weeks straight... not light but heavy that whole time. Now in my adult life I realize that most of it were blot clots. I was a prime example of IRREGULAR!!! I would be on for 2 weeks and off for 2 weeks. Talking about constantly feeling crazy. I attempted to use birth control but did not want to blow up and also I could never remember to take them at the same time daily even after setting a timer.

I read about Diva Cups Etc but was grossed out about the fact of using one cup for 7 days straight or in my case who knows how long. Thought about purchasing a few but the fee was too high for me... yes I know I could buy one every few months until I built up a collection but i wasn't having it. My logic was off lol...

so fast forward a few years... I had a DNC in May 2010... it helped a little but not really... I would go months with no period and then go months on my period. so that was suggested. Yea it helped but it came back. I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, DUB (dysfunctional urethral bleeding) and PCOS. I've gone years now of messing up good underwear and buying cheesy ones from Walmart while all my nice ones just sit in a drawer waiting to be worn. I would wear a Tampax and a Pad together and had to make sure i changed every 1.5 hours. Working in a call center made this difficult but I made it work. I finally checked again with my Doc about Birth Control and they suggested the NuvaRing. I put it in on the first day of my cycle November 2014 and it took my period away for the whole month. I was happy. I changed into the new one for December and I started having issues. I had blood clots the size of golf balls peeling off of my uterus for almost 2 weeks straight while my Doctor told me to take Naproxen and scheduled all types of Test. End result... had to have another DNC February 2015... I have a Fibroid that they left in but they did remove a Polyp. Since I've had similar issues on and off. So my husband told me about this App called Wish. I get on there daily to see what they have and one day I came across the Menstrual Cup. it was $1 for the Cup and $1 for shipping. I bought 10!!! I said you know what, I have no reason to not try this now. I struggle daily on making it to the bathroom on time to make sure a blood clot does not pass by the Tampax since it's not absorbed. It's hard to do housework without having to run to the bathroom constantly... My period took over my life... I don't want to go out and do fun things... well I do but it's hard... and now I'm taking my life back!!! I AM HAPPY or shall I say HOPEFUL!!!