March 26th, 2016

  • lindxx

Weird smell and health problems?

Hi guys!
So this week, after gathering up the courage to, I finally used my lunette menstrual cup for the whole cycle after purchasing it some time before. And the whole experience was wonderful - I didn't have any leaks except for the second day when the cup overflowed after I slept in for too long, and the removal and insertion processes barely took any time out of my schedule.
However, yesterday, when showering, I took out my lunette cup, and was surprised to see it around 1/4 full with a orangy/yellowish liquid. I didn't expect anything, and the substance inside the cup doesn't appear to be blood.
Not thinking too much of it, I just dumped the liquid away, and then I smelt it. A very weird, stale smell, that appears to be coming from my cup. After washing it multiple times with antibacterial soap and body wash, I decided to just leave it in a small amount of milton tablets dissolved with water, and today I woke up, feeling slightly sick, and even with an odorless cup, it doesn't stop me from throwing up the soup my mother gives me for breakfast.
So my main questions are:
- Does the smell signify a possible infection caused by the menstrual cup? If yes, what should I do?
- Is it normal to be a little sick from the cup, or is it just caused by other reasons?
So thanks in advance for this! :)