March 18th, 2016

First LadyCup, now what?

Hello Commmunity,

I'm a first user (from Germany) and as it seems, I didn't search long enough for the perfect mc for me.
After a bit of research I ordered the LadyCup in size S. On a first dry run I immediately liked it, although the long stem bothered me, so I cut it nearly completely off.
Now on my period, I had no problems getting the LadyCup in, but realized that the firm rim is really uncomfortable when removing the cup. The cup also slid really far in a few times, but I got it out after pressing it downwards with my vaginal muscles. It's, like others have already said, very slippery as well...
Now I found you! Yay! Can you reccomend me another cup? My cervix seems quite high, I can't reach it when on my period. I like that the LadyCup opens so easily, but I think I need a softer cup because my vagina actually feels sore form removing the cup a few times over the day.
I'm thinking about a MeLuna Size M? But what firmness would you recomeend?


Preserving the lifespan of TPE

I'm adjusting my birth control, so what's been happening to me is I've been getting two extremely light "periods" in a month instead of a regular one. Because I'm using the cups more regularly (and cleaning/sterilizing them between uses), I'm thinking that they have a bigger chance of getting worn down faster. I know they're supposed to last years, but if my cycle continues to be wonky from all this hormone adjusting (I have PCOS symptoms), all the effects from frequently using and cleaning them might stack up.

I was wondering if you guys have any tips for keeping your TPE in good shape. I've two MeLunas, a small and a medium. They both happen to be soft, in case that also affects their lifespan.