February 10th, 2016

Leaking + Cup does not pop open sometimes?

This is my third cycle so I'm still learning. The first cycle I didn't get any leakage. Second cycle I had steady leakage. This time, I had no leakage on the first day but steady leakage on the second. (Though cup+thin backup pad is way better than the three diaper like pads I used to wear). I found out on the first day that my cup wasnt popping open (using the punch down fold) so I fiddled with it a little till it opened. The second day I tried the same but though I could make it open, it leaked. I tried using a differemt fold (seven fold), it popped open on its own but still leaked. Am I doing something wrong? Pretty sure my cervix is in the cup as the cup does have a good amount of blood in it when I take it out.