January 30th, 2016

  • ama338

Can't get cup open without layout on my back

Hey everyone. I have been searching the internet for this question but can't seem to find anyone who relates.

This is my second cycle using the Lunette cup size 1, and I cannot, for the life of me, get this cup to open properly while sitting on the toilet. Although, when I lay on the floor on my back, I can slide it in and it pops open completely on the first try. Yet when on the toilet, I can still feel a dent when I run my finger around it and it never feels sealed. If I think it's good while on the toilet, then I lay down on the floor to make sure, pull my legs up and I hear the whoosh of air signaling its opened completely and sealed.

I have a really high cervix (the cup AND stem pretty much disappear after a while of wearing it). I really don't want this to be my only option of getting it to seal properly as that is really awkward in public or at other people's houses. I've tried angling my body in all kinds of directions on the toilet, but I never hear the "sealing air" sound until I lay on my back.

Any suggestions?

Seal breaking on my MeLuna?

Hi! I'm new to menstrual cups and I'm so glad that there are online communities like these to help me out. I made an LJ account specifically to join this community and hopefully get some advice on menstrual cups.

I am using a MeLuna soft small, and I've been using it for the past five days. During the first two days, I had absolutely no problems with it (it was like there was no learning curve at all), but by the third day it started leaking. It's never full when I remove it, though--I'm on birth control and my periods are very, very light.

I am sure it forms a seal because I feel it pop open and I twist it around and stuff, but it still leaks. Thing is, before it starts to leak, I feel something like an air bubble (actually it's more like a queef of sorts). A few minutes after that popping feeling, I would get spots on my underwear. I've been wearing a liner as backup for now.

TL;DR: is it possible for the seal of my cup to break inside of me, causing leaks? Could this be a size issue? A placement issue? A cervix issue??? Am I queefing my cup out of place?????

More about me: I'm 25, sexually active, never had a kid. 166 cm and 53 kg so I'm on the smaller side, but I'm also terribly unfit. I got a soft MeLuna because my urologist said I have a hyperactive bladder and a stiff cup may cause me to pee even more. I also have a retroverted uterus and I have no idea if that affects anything. Cervix is pretty much regular height, doesn't sit low or go up too high--I can feel it well but my entire middle finger has to be in.

Editing to add: it's definitely the slobbery residue type of leaking, looks more like mild spotting more than anything. Wait, I'm not too sure if it really is slobbery residue. There's no blood at all when I wipe before reinserting the cup, but spotting happens (after the weird queef feeling).
end of the world

Crazy period q--diva leaking for the first time in years

Posted to vaginapagina also but have gotten no replies so I thought I'd try here too...

First, background: I've been using a diva cup happily for around six years now (thanks to a lot of help from this community years ago!). For the majority of that time, I've only had to remove it twice a day, never leaked or anything.

Then,a little over a year ago I switched from the Pill to Nexplanon, the bc implant. I had no period for four months and got all excited, but then I started getting regular (monthly) periods again, boo.

Now, the issue: my last few periods have been HELL.super heavy, and my diva just can't keep up. Most of the blood still goes in the cup, and I'm confident that I'm putting it in right after 6 years of doing it, but yet I'm leaking pretty constantly. Even if I empty it every few hours. Now, I'm not sure if this is a diva problem and trying another cup would help, or a medical problem that I should find a doctor for, or if I should just suck it up (i use cloth pantiliners daily anyways for regular discharge). I'm this close to going back to the pill just so I can control my period again (I switched to the implant because I'm pretty sure I never want kids and didn't relish the idea of taking a pill every day forever).