January 29th, 2016

  • veb1693

Super high cervix and leaking


22, never had kids, quite a high cervix, like mid cycle I cant even reach it so its over 3" high, when I am actually bleeding it drops down some but its still the full length of my longest finger up there.

I have had my meluna classic size medium for about 9 months now and have used it off and on. I love love love the fact that I can just insert it and forget about it for a while but from day one I have always had a problem with it leaking, not much, but then again I dont have a heavy flow, but its still enough to be annoying.
Im wondering if either its not firm enough, it always comes out squished in an oval, although I have soaked it in ice water before inserting it and that didnt help at all.
or if Im just still not getting it up and around my cervix. I always stick my finger up there and try and go all the way around and make sure its open, and that its on my cervix but it NEVER FAILS.

Thinking I either need a firmer cup or a longer cup or I dont really know, which is why Im asking you lovely ladies.

Please help

Please Help 1st Time Cup Buyer!

Ok, my head is spinning from sorting through all of the information on this site and I need help! First time cup buyer here trying to figure out which one to purchase. Over 30, 3 vaginal births, medium to heavy flows, dangly, low cervix. At least I think that’s correct. I can always touch my cervix even at its highest and at its lowest its approximately somewhere around 1 to 1.25 inches in. I can feel up and around the sides of my cervix (esp since having kids) although I’m having troubles determining that length – definitely feels like cervix is on the end of a protrusion – not that the cervix is flush with anything. My flow varies dramatically but when going at strongest can soak through ultra OB tampons (the purple ones no longer sold) that supposedly hold 15-18 grams in an hour or so.

Reading through this site, it appears that if I’ve correctly identified my physical attributes (no small task!), then it looks like I want something with a bell shaped bottom that can accommodate a large flow since more than likely my cervix will dangle into it, displacing some of its volume, but one that can also work with a low cervix. Am I on the right track so far?

If so, then is seems as though the Large Fleurcup, Large SuperJennie and Large LuvUrBody are recommended for their capacity, but I’m not sure how well they work with low cervix? Alternatively, there’s the Femmycycle low cervix model, but I’m a little wary of it because it seems as though the cervix is to rest in the center hole, but my cervix doesn’t always feel as though it is centered in my vagina depending upon if I’m sitting, standing, bending, etc (although perhaps I’m just crazy), so it seems as though trying to keep it centered might be uncomfortable?

Does this sound correct so far? Are there other models you all would recommend?

Thanks so much for any help – I’m so lost as to which one to try it’s pathetic!