January 10th, 2016

Cup Popping Open is Always a Gamble?

It's my third day using a divacup, and it seems like I'm forced to just hope that it actually pops open. It's been pretty hit or miss. My first day was really good, no leaking or discomfort, but on my second day I leaked really bad. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of leaving it in too long, because my periods are pretty light, especially after my first day. I've tried everything I could find to make sure it popped open. I tried turning it 360 degrees, but I don't understand how anyone can actually accomplish that, once my divacup is in, it is in and definitely does not want to turn even one degree. I tried getting my finger inside and pushing on my walls, but even that didn't work. I tried doing squats after putting it in, hoping for it to pop, but that didn't help either. Does anyone else have any advice for making sure your cup pops? Because I'm really struggling. Oh and if it helps, I use the "punch-down" fold.

What is the process in which you remove and clean your menstrual cup?

I mean, I know how to remove and clean the cup. But I was wondering how you would do all that each time you emptied your cup, without making a mess? Do you rip the toilet paper first, put a square in the toilet first, etc etc. For me there just seems to be too many opportunities for blood to get onto stuff. So I was wondering how you guys do it?