January 9th, 2016

Have menstrual cups changed your period?

I successfully completed one period using menstrual cups. It was easier, cleaner, and more comfortable than using tampons.

I have noticed that my period lasted longer with the menstrual cup. When I turned forty I started to worry that I was starting to get peri-menopausal because my periods were getting so short, only about three to four days. I have noticed that when using a menstrual cup my period was four days long with spotting on days five and six. I'm thinking it's because the tampon was absorbing everything and drying me out. I would rather have a longer and healthier period with the menstrual cup and the cloth pads for backup that I plan on using from now on.

Has anyone else noticed that menstrual cups changed their period?

Cup leaking + Issues with removal


This is my second cycle with a menstrual cup. While last time I had almost NO leakage, this time I'm having constant leakage-making a backup pad a necessity. I'm wondering if it's the way I'm inserting-last time I would do it lying down with my legs apart, this time I'm doing it standing up with one leg on the toilet. :| I'm not missng the cervix-there is a lot of blood in my cup when I take it out.

And removal is still messy :/ I get a lot of blood on the floor and it's a bit of a pain, because I'm at school now and we have common loos and showers.

Any tips/help?