January 3rd, 2016

  • emzarrr

Needing a firmer cup?

Hello all,

I'm fairly new to menstrual cups and am having some trouble with my small Meluna Classic which I've had for a few months. I'm planning on getting a slightly bigger cup, and hopefully one that will solve my problems.

I generally have problems getting my Meluna to open, and have to basically push it open myself. I originally tried using the punch down fold, which would never open fully. I have a little more success with the 7 fold but it generally doesn't pop open fully.

I also have issues with leaking. I have fairly light periods and never fill my cup, so I know it's not am overflow problem. When I take my cup out it's always an oval shape, which I know tends to happen with the TPE, but could this also be a sign that I need a firmer cup?

I have no problems releasing the suction, although my cup does always ride up. My cervix definitely isn't low!

Do I need a firmer cup? I'm trying to get back into swimming so a firmer cup would be more ideal for sports anyway. Are there any other reasons I could be having problems?

Could I please have some advice on a firmer cup? I'm considering the Yuuki classic (I know this is super firm) and the Lena cup. Although I think I would particularly need a firmer rim, which the Lena may not fulfill?

Thanks everyone :)

Cannot get the cup to work comfortably. Am I doing it wrong? Is it not for me? Help Please!

I've scoured this website and many others for months on end, since I first heard about cups and reusable pads. You all are awesome, and i've learned so much on here. But I've tried searching for the solution to my struggles and can't seem to find it, so I decided to finally join as a last ditch effort before I quit cups altogether and deal with the the labor intensive and odorous reusable pads.

I started with a rainbow cup, i wanted a soft, inexpensive cup because i wasnt sure if i'd be able to use a cup comfortably (i'm a little sensitive and have never been comfortable w/tampons, they gave me cramps and I hated removal). I've had the rainbow for about 5 months now. I insert without a problem, i fiddle with it quite a bit to make it open (and dont mind that, i've delivered a child before and am comfortable w/my body), The problems:

1. If i insert it according to the pictures everywhere that show it riding lower than a tampon, in the vag. canal it doesn't open no matter how much I fiddle. It sits like a crushed popcan and starts to sag a bit and hurts my tissue. (not the stem since I cut that on the first day, i don't use it and my cup sits slanted inside me)
2. When i push it past the pubic bone, further up i can get it to open more easily, it suctions (I can tell when I remove it). The problem is i have cramps and can feel it all the time, until i finally give up and take it out.

I've tried to find a slightly lower spot for it to sit, but that doesn't work it's either too low and sags or ends up riding too high.

Sooo...I'm confused about where the cup is supposed to sit. I'm considering quitting it, even though i really wanted to be a cup user. I like the reduced environmental impact and that it doesnt take as much work as reusable pads. Anyone have ideas? I'm wondering if a firmer cup sitting lower would be better? I've been thinking of the lunette. Is the cramping just part of the deal? Is my cervix too sensitive to use a cup? I'm at a loss. I feel like i've read everything cup related on the net and cant find answers. I'd really appreciate any input or help. TIA!

In case it's helpful, I went with a size 1, since my flow is not heavy and my muscles are decent (i think), and i'm sensitive. I later tried an icare size 2 and OUCH. If there is hope of me using a cup pain free I'll never go with another china cheapie again...i promise! Right now I just don't know if it's worth it to spend money on the better cups, unless I know there's a way to make it work.

Cup Mostly Working

36 years old
Not a virgin but no longer sexually active
Active with strong pelvic muscles
Medium Flow
Diva Cup #1 Model
C Fold Used

I'm committed to using a menstrual cup for various reasons. This is my first cycle using the Diva cup and it's going fairly well.

Insert is fine and although I have a bit of a hard time getting it to pop open, I assume it's opening as my flow is being collected (mostly). I place the cup so the stem is just outside of the vaginal opening but, inevitably, the cup moves higher so that the stem is just inside the opening and also tilted so that the stem is not straight down but pointed to the right. It's comfortable though.

My issue is small but consistent leakage. I wore the Diva Cup for 6 hours on an average flow day. The entire time there was some light flow collecting on the pad (wearing a pad as I'm learning). The cup wasn't even halfway filled. Plenty of space left.

Upon taking the cup out after the six hours I observe that most of the flow is going into the cup, however some of it seems to have clogged one hole and possibly is flowing over that side rim? I think that's the leakage.

Any tips or insights as to why this is happening? Thanks so much, this is a great community!
  • diamho


Hi, I am completely clueless as to what I should do about my dilemma.I want the menstrual cup to work SO badly but it just isn't working for me. It worked perfectly for the first one or two cycles I used it but after that it began to leak. I went a few cycles with it leaking and just wearing a pad with it. I had the Diva Cup and thought that it might not have been firm enough because it seemed as if the cup was not sealed when I took it out even when I thought I turned it and inserted it properly for it to pop open. The cup began to smell so I threw it away, then I later found out there was a way to get the smell out but that's a different story. I did some research and decided to go with a size 2 Lunette cup because it's firmer and I have a heavy flow. Well now I'm on my period and it worked the first night (last night) but when I woke up the cup opened and began to leak and now it continues to leak. I've re-inserted it at least four times today in hopes I'll get it right but no luck. I know it's sealed when inserted because I feel around the rim once it's in my vagina and it's completely opened. I felt for my cervix today and it's high I guess (I have to insert my middle finger as high as I can in order to touch it and I have pretty long fingers), and the cup isn't inserted as high as my cervix but quite close. I'm at a loss and I really want it to work, like I consider it a god send lol...at least when it worked. Any tips or just anything? I will say though, the only thing I haven't done are kegel exercises. So maybe that's it?

One more thing, may or may not help, but earlier today when I was taking the cup out I noticed that it moved pretty high in my vagina, like I was really reaching for it to come out when I know I hadn't inserted it that way originally. Still leaks of course and it was also tilted. It went up much higher than originally and was at a tilt towards the left. I believe I've read some posts that say it may move like that because it's accommodating to my cervix? Either way, thanks in advance for anything any you all can add to help me situation, if you can. Also, if I can't get the cup to work properly, what should I do for my period? I guess I'm left with unbleached pads and tampons?

Side note: the cup isn't full when it begins to leak. It'll leak soon after I insert it.