ssteph2747 (ssteph2747) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Lunette User

Hi Ladies!  I would like to thank this community for all the help - I've been lurking the past few days when I finally remembered to buy a menstrual cup (my two best friends have diva cups).  I didn't realize there were so many options!!  After reading all of the informative posts, I took the plunge with the small Lunette - it came in the mail today and I love it!  The bag was yellow - I thought it would be blue, but it's so pretty.  So easy to insert, so easy to remove (thanks again to all of the wonderful posts)!  I'm not currently menstruating (it ended yesterday), but I'm wearing it to get used to it. 

Never going back to tampons!!  We'll see how I deal with leaking during a real run, but I could feel it pop open, and then I just kegel'd it up.

Yay, menstrual cups!
Tags: first time use
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