November 24th, 2015

  • durga02

will feemycycle low cervix work for me?

Please help. I started my cup journey almost a year back.I started with diva - too long, hard then Lunette small- ok but felt small for me but large seems to be hard so after research I went for soft cup sckoon it was ok but the floor pattern was not comfortable. Now from past 6 months I am using si bell large and meluna short soft ( large).

The problem is my cervix seems to be low each day of my period. First day si bell works, next day meluna short with stem, next day meluna stem is poking last day meluna is completely fine and after periods si bell works perfectly.

My question will femmycycle low cervix will work for me. Be coz I went spending so much money again $40 and not sure it will work. Need help please