October 28th, 2015


Cup Shape Changed?

Hi all -

I just got a Meluna, medium, classic sport...Well, it's supposed to be a sport, but I'm almost wondering if they sent me the wrong one. It seems too soft. When I hadn't used it yet, it was a nice, round shape - and now it's kind of an oval after only using it a few days. Is that normal? It also doesn't seem to pop open very easily - when I have it out of my body and I squeeze it together then let my fingers go really quickly, it kind of pops...But weakly. I have watched a lot of videos about menstrual cups, and whenever people are demonstrating, it seems like the cups really pop open with force, whereas mine seems to kinda just...weakly pop. And I'm having a hell of a time getting it to pop open inside of me, too. I've watched videos with tips on how to get it open, but I haven't really tried the tips yet.

My pelvic floor muscles are strong from lots of walking and horseback riding and yoga, and my vagina is pretty narrow, which is why I got the sport so that it would pop open easier. But now I'm wondering if they sent me the wrong one or something, because the one I have just seems to be wimpy.

I also have a super low cervix.

I've also been using it while I don't have a full fledged period. I know people say not to do that, but I'm just trying to figure out how to use this particular cup before I start bleeding all over the place.

SO FRUSTRATED. I don't get it - I was using a Diva cup for a while and it was going great, and then suddenly it wouldn't pop open anymore and it felt way too long, which is why I changed to the Meluna so that I could have something shorter and stronger. I'm ready to give up on this menstrual cup thing all together because as much as I hate pads and tampons, they're way easier.

EDIT: Ok, I tried a different fold and it is in there now and it's open, BUT when I stick my finger up in there it feels like it's squeezed together, probably because my vagina is fairly narrow. I guess that's why it's now an oval shape instead of a circle? But should it stay in that oval shape? Is it going to work properly if it's open but squished?

Menstrual cups... could they cause yeast infections?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of purchasing a menstrual cup, but before I buy, is there any increased risk of contracting a yeast infection from it? Has anybody gotten a yeast infection after beginning to use their cup? If so, how commonly does it happen? I have never gotten a yeast infection before, but I am afraid of getting one if I decide to use a cup for my periods. I appreciate any answers ^^