October 21st, 2015

Weird cup noises in bathroom stall?

Anybody have this problem? When I take out my cup or put it in it makes suction noises. This is the one thing I hate about cups! And since most people don't know about cups so if they would hear those weird noises coming from the stall, they would think I was doing something weird in there.
I have to put my cups in by letting them open and fill with air before I push them in. This is when a lot of the noise happens. How can I get around the noise or get rid of it totally? Any ideas? I can't always wait for somebody to flush a toilet or turn on the hand dryer and everybody knows the coughing trick is lame. Luckily at school there is a one-person-only bathroom but I am concerned about the times when I have to go into one with stalls. I hate those!