October 15th, 2015

Lily cup size A won't fully open?

Finally, I found a cup that does not leak for me even when it gets crushed. I'm still using my Si-bell for day 1 of my period because it helps with cramps and I use it almost daily for discharge collection so it still remains my favorite and most used cup, but the Lilycup now qualifies as my goldilocks. Almost.

I have crushed the Lilycup numerous times without leaking. I can feel the cup crushing sensation where the cup gets completely smashed and the rim is hanging onto my cervix for dear life, but I still get no leaks and I can just pinch the base, wiggle it, then push down on my vaginal wall to reinflate it. The cup is pretty large for a small cup so it stays in place even when it gets so crushed that the seal breaks. However, I noticed that no matter what I try, I cannot get the Lilycup to fully open inside me.

The punch down fold is the most difficult. It remains punched down no matter what, and I have plenty of experience getting soft cups to open so this is a new struggle for me. The fold I'm using now is the seven fold, which opens up once I pull the cup almost completely out and then push it back up and "lock" it around my cervix. However there is always a big dent in the cup, and I cannot push down far enough on my vaginal walls to fully inflate it. When I push on the dent I can tell that this allows the cup to collapse easily, so I want to try and figure out a method to get the cup fully open inside me.

I've read the page on cup troubleshooting but the Lilycup is such an unusual kind of cup that I figured it would be best to ask for help specific to this cup. Does anyone have any advice?