September 17th, 2015

Fountain pen

Cleanliness in public restrooms

I never used to have to remove and reinsert my cup in a public restroom, but I just started a new job where I work longer hours, and I'm noticing that leaving my cup in non-stop doesn't always work.

I don't have too many problems with the logistics, but I'm a little squeamish about germs. I'm lucky enough to have a single-stall restroom that's used mainly by me and a few coworkers, so it's not super gross or public. But the water isn't as hot as I'd like and I worry about having germs on my hands when I handle the cup, or there being germs on the toilet paper that I use to wipe the cup with.

I've read plenty of advice on how to clean a cup in public. I'm just nervous about germs or the possibility of getting a UTI or something. I was hoping people might have tips or reassurances.

Can anyone compare the Luv Ur Body to the large Yuuki or Meluna XL? I am having serious trouble!

As of lately, I have had really heavy periods, and I mean REALLY heavy.
Luckily for me I found a temporary solution in the meantime which slows my period so it is managable. It's to take 550 mg of Naproxen Sodium (OTC). It lasts for around 12 hrs. and it was a Godsend to me last month! The doc told me that this should not be helping my period stop but I told her I read about it online that it is supposed to work and it was working for me. She said if that's the case it would be ok to take it.
But anyway, now you see why I am looking for the largest cup I can get.
I recently bought the Meluna XL because I heard it will hold more than the Yuuki. When it arrived, I filled the large Yuuki to the top with water and poured it into the Meluna XL and the Meluna XL did not hold as much as the Yuuki! So now I am wondering about the Luv Ur Body cup which actually has a slightly bigger diameter and is slightly longer than the Yuuki. Anyone have these cups to do a comparison?