September 11th, 2015

Hello everyone!

I'm new and I have yet to purchase my first reusable cup (although I have used softcups). I've been researching a LOT and have been looking particularly at the Meluna M Classic. It appeals to me because I don't expect to find my "Goldilocks" cup on the first try so I don't want to spend a fortune on my first cup. I'm hoping it will help me figure out what my ideal size and softness preferences are.

So my question is, does anyone know what the best (cheapest) online places are to purchase a meluna including shipping to the US? And also if you happen to have other suggestions on lower cost starter brands it would be much appreciated. I don't plan on just buying one and being done but I do want to get a better idea of what I should be looking for. Thanks!

Cup recommendations for an inconveniently positioned cervix?

I found out that my Lunette was actually getting crushed, which is why it kept leaking. I bought a Sibell cup from mc_sales and it worked perfectly for the first two (heaviest) days of my cycle. I love love love the Sibell. I didn't even have problems with residual slobber. However my vagina swells and tightens after the heaviest days and now the Sibell is getting slightly crushed, causing about half a pantyliner-full of leaks. I tried the Lunette again but it leaked so much I needed to use a pad. The Sibell's leaks are definitely manageable but I'd like something firmer that I can use on my lighter days without the cup getting crushed.

My cervix is tilted to the left, is situated on the top (near bladder) wall of my vagina and points straight down. Sometimes it positions itself at the very end of my vaginal canal and points outwards, allowing me to easily position a cup around it and causing zero leaks. I can't get my cervix in the Lunette no matter what I do because of the shape and size, but I can get it in the Sibell however in order to do so I have to position the Sibell in a way that easily allows it to get crushed.

I'm thinking about getting a Lilycup because it's firmer and also because of the slanted rim, which should allow me to fit my cervix inside easily no matter how it decides to angle itself.

Are there any other cups that I should look at to help me with this problem?