August 27th, 2015

  • nadmom

I really like the Lily Cup Compact - What else will I like.

I have a Lily Cup Compact Sz2. I really like it. This cycle I discovered it had a smell, so while I am trying to address that I went back to my Sckoon cup size 2 and as much as I want to love it, it just doesn't work for me. But I really want two cups that work well for me.

I have a very low cervix the first day or two of my period and than a very high cervix the middle to the end. I am postmenopausal so my flow varies greatly from period to period so I am not that concerned with capacity, I just empty it a lot if needed.

At the beginning of my cycle the Sckoon sits so low that it is too wide at the bottom and I don't like the feel of the texture. Later in my cycle I have hard time getting it to open and have trouble getting it out. I don't have any of these issues with the Lily Cup Compact I think because of it's shape & design. So I want to get another cup what would you suggest. Thanks

Bleeding Past Diva Cup...

Soo... This is my first post on here. I formerly asked this question on Yahoo:

"Soo this is only my 2nd day with my brand new Diva Cup.

Um... I always bleed PAST my tampon, like there will be some on the tampon but it will always be on the string as well.

Now... I just assumed that if I used the Diva Cup maybe it'll help. Like I said this is only my 2nd day... And I've checked, the cup is open (felt all around, even rotated it) and there is still leakage. I wore a pad with it when I slept and there was still blood on the pad and the cup was barely full... SO I'm a little confused... Help?

I'm 20 years old, never had a kid so I have the Type 1 cup
Update: Cup was not even full
Update 2: Oh, and not a virgin "

I reallly realllly need help understanding haha

This was the first answer I've gotten so far:

"You've only been using the cup for two days, also bare in mind that Divacup is a long cup and given your issues with tampons you may have a shorter vaginal canal so it may not be the best brand for you. It sounds like your cup isn't directly under the cervix: check it's in position and make sure there's a seal, if you still struggle then try groups on Facebook or the menstrual cup community on Livejournal for more help."

And so I joined. Okay, I know where my cervix is located. And considering I'm on period, erm, it feels swollen and I guess open?? It feels like a triangle. I thought I knew what I was doing with the cup but apparently I don't, if it's supposd to sit directly underneath my cervix... And what seal? lol I have no idea what that means! I feel so out of touch with my personal area.. So yes, I need help!