August 11th, 2015

Newbie question

Hello all,

I just ordered my menstrual cup last month and used my lunette cynthia model 2 for the first time this cycle. While it worked wonderfully (ie. no leakage, was able to insert and remove no problem, trimmed to the right length), I did feel quite a bit of pressure on my vaginal walls, making it quite uncomfortable. After lurking here for some time and reading different questions and responses, I suspect that the lunette cynthia may be a little too firm for me. I'm trying to figure out what cup I should try next. Any suggestions for softer, yet similar cups?

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Please help a first-timer!


I'm super new to menstrual cups and have been browsing on here since buying my Divacup size 1 last week! I was super excited to use it and it has been surprisingly easy! I think! So I've had no trouble with insertion and I think it's where it should be as I've had no leaking.
However since using (it's only day two) I've had sickness & awful trapped wind like pain in my stomach - it feels like I have a sickness bug! But I'm unsure if it's a coincidence and I actually do have a bug or whether it could be my cup?!
I've removed it and it's made no difference - although it's only been a couple of hours!
I really hope it's not the cup but wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.
And if it's my cup, do you think a different cup could help or am I destined to use pads/tampons forever? 😫

Any help will be greatly appreciated 😊