August 4th, 2015

Should I buy an additional cup for heavier days?

I've just spent one cycle with my mooncup (B), which is my first cup ever, but on the heaviest day I felt like the capacity isn't big enough. I emptied every few hours (because I was paranoid and still have to learn how much blood I lose and so on) and the cup was always about a third full... I fear that if I wear it for more than about 4 hours I'll leak or overflow.
How many cycle should I wait until I decide if I need a bigger cup for my heavy days? I'm still a cup newbie so maybe you know better before I rush to decisions.

I'm thinking about getting a medium and large classic MeLuna as there is a cheap set on sale (22,50 € for 2 cups) on the German website and then I'd have one narrower and one wider than my mooncup for different days of my cycle.

Any advice?

(I am 24, 160cm, 65kg, not sexually active, no chikdren, no sport besides walking quite a lot, high cervix... if you need this informations)

Buying in Canada

Hi everyone! I've been stalking this community for quite some time and finally decided to create an account and make this post. I'm 15 years old (turning 16 in just over a week) and quite interested in making the journey into reusable menstrual products. My mother is grossed out by it, but nonetheless has allowed me to begin using them. The only problem is availability in Canada. The only cup available in Canada is the Diva Cup which I do not think will work for me due to it's length. I wish to purchase either a LadyCup or MeLuna, but it is very difficult to find sites which ship to Canada without ridiculous shipping fees (Almost $12 from femininewear!). I am really desperate to buy a menstrual cup and if this fee is the best it will be, then I will pay, but have any Canadians successfully purchased a cup from another site with a lower cost? Also, did you have to pay any customs or duty fees? Thank you in advance for reading