July 31st, 2015


Size comparison - awesome website

Hi everyone,

I just posted about being frustrated and confused about all the different cups out there. I discovered this website which has a really cool feature - if you scroll down, you will find "cup comparison tools," and two scrollable pictures side by side, so you can compare two cup sizes. For example, I have a Diva cup and am not very happy with it, so I kept one picture on "Diva Cup 1" and used the other picture to scroll through and see other cups as they would compare to the Diva cup 1. Very cool. This has put my mind so much more at ease. If you would like more of a visual comparison to go along with the charts out there that just show numbers, this might really help you.



Lunette Selene size 1 help!!!!

Hi, my name is Emily, I am 16 years old and I bought my Lunette selene size 1 about 3 years ago. Although I really liked it at the time I went on birth control (for acne and hormonal regulation, I am still a virgin) after using it for 1 cycle and no longer needed to use it.
Recently, I changed my birth control medication and I started having my periods again and decided to take my Lunette back out from my drawers. Now as I grew older my anatomy has changed... My previously extremely low cervix is now a medium length cervix and my vagina is significantly more sensitive (the Lunette irritates me like no other).

I guess my questions are..
1. How can I file down the stem and the ridges on the side to make my Lunette as smooth as possible? I know I can flip it inside out but it makes cleaning harder so I'd prefer to keep it rightside up if possible.
2. Which cup would be good for my third day where my cervix is higher than normal? I have trouble reaching my Lunette when it is inside out on this day, so I would like to find something similar to the Lunette in terms of width and comfort but smoother and longer.
3. My Lunette becomes flattened and leaks when I work out because my PC muscles must be really strong and crush my cup. Does a harder cup remedy this problem or should I get a softer cup that allows some "give" to my muscles?

Lastly, I'm planning on having sex with my boyfriend in a week (I'm currently a virgin). Would this affect the cup I need to use? I'd think that my vagina would expand a bit and I'd need something wider than my Lunette?

I've been reading through previous posts and have been considering buying a femmycycle because it would be wide enough to use even after sex, is extremely smooth, and would prevent leakage even when flattened. Any advice?

Thank you so much for helping!