July 28th, 2015

2nd period with cup and iud, nervous

I browsed posts in this group for a month or two before buying a ruby cup and all the info helped a ton. I have had my iud for a year and confirmed it was in the right spot before I started using a cup. My first period with the cup went amazing, although I noticed my iud string seemed a lot longer. This period my cervix seems a lot lower and my cup did not work at all. I'm a little nervous that something might be wrong and am really hoping someone might be able to help with my questions.

My cervix is about 3 inches in and normally the OS is out of reach and my iud string can barely be reached. After using the cup the strings came down almost to the vaginal opening. The strings were never trimmed so I suspect that that accounts for some of the length but is it possible that the iud moved since they are so low now?

When removing, I put one hand on the stem and use the middle finger of the other hand to break the seal. My cup was overflowing all day, I heard air flow in, and there didnt seem to be resistance when I pulled but when the cup came out I heard a pop as if it had only broken the seal after it came out. Then I noticed that my cervix was a lot lower than normal. Is it possible that the cup was sealed all the way out and pulled on my cervix to make it extra dangly? Will that affect the iud? If the cup does make the cervix more dangly, are there any tricks to reduce the effect?

When I remove the cup I check the os to make sure no part of the iud is protruding except the strings and it feels like there is a small flap of skin on the os. Is that normal? Could it actually be part of the iud?

Thank you in advance!

Meluna classic inside out

I'm a relatively new cup user(I'm 17 y/o and a virgin, if that helps at all) with a classic medium MeLuna, which I'm happy to say fits me rather nicely for a first cup. However, there's a single issue; it only works- or works much better, if the former statement is a bit of an exaggeration- inside out. I originally tried flipping it only because the stem sometimes irritated the opening of my vagina as the cup shifted and wanted to see if cutting it off would work, but I found that, to my surprise, flipping stops the cup from moving around altogether and thus eliminating all minor leaks/pain/etc that I had before. It's also much more comfortable somehow(I used to be able to ever so slightly feel it inside me but not anymore) as well as popping open easily; The only downside is that the complete lack of a handle makes removal a bit messier.
I've been using it like this for two cycles now, does anyone else constantly use their Melunas inside out? Also, what could possibly be the reason for this(maybe it's the texture since the inside seems to be a bit rougher/stickier but I've never heard about that making a difference)and which factors should I consider if I ever buy another cup, for it to work normally? Is there any way/ tips to get the cup to stay in place right side out?
  • gem20

Help Needed

Has anyone successfully used a cup with a prolapse? I have a mild cystocele after having 2 babies, and I am currently trying the Sckoon Cup large with the stem cut off. I am inserting as far as I can, but it doesn't go up very far passed my pubic bone, and then sinks during the day, especially when using the bathroom or moving around a lot. I was able to use it all day yesterday even though it sat very low and slightly uncomfortable. That was my first day of my period which is lighter. Today, a heavier day, the cup would not stay in place and kept falling to the point I was uncomfortable and afraid it would fall out completely. Because of it falling, I reinserted 3x today, and it was about 1/3 full each time. I am not sure if my problems are from inexperience (this is about my 4th cycle trying the cup), a bad fit, or because of my pelvic floor issue. I know someone with a cystocele who successfully uses a cup, but they did say it hangs out a little but they deal with it. I feel that I need it to stay in place for me to benefit from using it. This person suggested trying a shorter cup, but I don't know which cup would be shorter or if that would help? Also, is it possible my vaginal wall gets stretched out after a day of successful use? I am trying to understand why I can get one day of semi-successful use each time I try, but the subsequent days fail. One more question (sorry so long!) Sometimes after the cup has been in for a while and feels fine, all of the sudden I start to have intense internal cramping pain like the cup has shifted into a bad position maybe? When I go to remove it, it does not feel like it moved, yet reinserting makes the pain go away. What could be good on?
Thanks for any help!
  • lumyn

Getting my cup on, or rather in : /

So aside from trying instead more than 10 years ago I have been a loyal OB user. Right now as I type this there is a Diva 2 inside me slowly irritating me more and more.

I am over 30, I have had one birth vaginally and it was a doozie. 3rd degree tear and I know my pelvic floor muscles are shot. I have been doing kegels on and off since my son was born (almost 5 years ago) but I still have the occasional sneeze pees and such.

Granted this is my first cycle with any cup but I can feel it. I don't know if it's just the stem or the cup itself. I also feel like I need to pee, but I don't actually have to. I have reinserted a few times and wiggled around but I still feel pressure.

I know the Diva 2 is a larger cup but due to my height 5"9 and my post child birth flash floods (my night flow laughs at OB ultra).

I know where my cervix is but I have no idea how that relates to high/low anything. I am wondering if my super crummy pelvic floor muscles will make cup use unrealistic?

I want cups to work so badly, just once I want to wake up in the morning and not do the thigh squeeze shuffle to the washroom.