July 19th, 2015

leaking cup

I just got a model 1 juju cup which is the first time I ever used a menstrual cup. Today is my second day of period I have no problems with the inserting or the removing but I am having a bit of leaking. Its not alot but it usually starts after 7 hours or so. When I remove the cup it is about abit over half full. I think it may be leaking because its full but I thought its suppose to be good for 12 hours or could it be that I am doing it wrong. Thanks

Looking for the words to describe what I need in a cup!

Hi there,

I've been using a menstrual cup (Diva Model 1) for almost 10 years now (I'm 23, started when I was 14). When I first started using a menstrual cup, the only models I had heard of (and I did a lot of research) were the Diva Cup, Lunette, and Keeper. In the past few years my needs have changed (I went from a normal flow to an incredibly heavy flow--needing to change my diva cup every 2 hours for 3 days during my cycle). I found this group a while back and have tried a few different cups. I can explain why they don't work but I'm unsure of the "clinical reasons", like if the cup is too soft/too firm, etc. Can someone help so I can figure out what to try next?

FWIW: 23 years old, high cervix, very heavy flow, no children

Here's what I've tried:

Meluna XL, ball stem, US version: this one doesn't work at all...the cup never unfolds all of the way. It comes out warped--like a flat oval. I tried to add holes/enlarge holes and it didn't help.

Natural Mamma: I have a hard time opening this one. I tried a few folds, letting it open during insertion, trying to twist it...no dice. My diva just "pops" open by itself, so that could be a learning curve issue for me. But when you have to change as often I do, you don't want to spend 10-15 minutes getting your cup to pop open!

Luv Ur Body: I just got this one today, but I'm at the end of my cycle and decided to give it a go. So far it seems to work well--opened right up without struggle, easy to remove, good capacity. I'm going to have to trim the stem, as I do with all of my cups, because my cervix drops a little during my cycle. Otherwise, this one is working well.

I'd like to try another cup or two before just buying another Diva cup. What do I need? Softer/firmer?

Vacuum Suction & Bladder Issues with Diva 1

1st: You all rock. You gave me confidence to learn about my body & make the leap to menstrual cups. My sincere gratitude to this support group!

I can't find FAQs or archived entries that fit my questions. I read kuradi8's answers to common questions (which is *awesome* thank you!) and read the sizing charts/links.
There are just too many cups & I'm overwhelmed.
Can the community offer cups that might solve my issues? This way I can buy 1 or 2 with better precision.

- no births; 27 yr old
- petite-size; active
- tilted uterus
- regular periods, 2-3 days; 1 day slightly heavy, 1-2 days medium
- no IUD

I want to love my Diva Cup 1, but each of 12 months I've dreaded it.

- It suddenly suctions/pulls through the day (ouch x5!), usually when sitting
(For example: sitting, writing this post, a sudden vacuum suck for 1 second. Painful! What is this from?)
- Inserted, I have the urge to pee more often & peeing/pooping is uncomfortable

- I've tried pushing it higher/lower, tilting up/down forward/backward without luck
- I believe the cup is "popping" open when I insert but it still bubbles/sucks throughout the day

Do you think my issues are related to...
- the Diva cup material (do I need "softer"/"harder"?)
- the diameter (is it too large?)
- the length (is it too long?)
- something else? (is it me? User error?)
- suggestions on cups for me to try?

Many many thanks to any and all advice!

Finding a cup

Hi guys Im new to the whole menstrual cup community. I bought a diva cup recently. I tried to insert it but I couldn't fit it in. I'm 17 years old and haven't had sex. Can you guys help me find a cup the will fit in me. I think I have a high cervix. But my opening is small. I'm thinking about the Lena cup. But if you have better suggestions for me please tell me.
Thank you!