July 14th, 2015

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Sckoon sizes

I've been interested in possibly getting the Sckoon cup, but the sizing concerns me a little. My inclination is to go for cups that are smaller in diameter because I don't really need the capacity and I'm not really comfortable with the idea of inserting something large. I've never had penetrative sex. However, I have a pretty high cervix.

Right now, I use the size 1 Diva Cup, and the length is pretty good. The size 2 Sckoon looks like it's only a little shorter than the Diva, but the size 1 looks a lot shorter. I feel like with the size 1 Sckoon, I'd be at risk of having a hard time retrieving it. But I don't know if the size 2 would be a little big for me. Thoughts? Or should I just steer clear of the Sckoon?


Buying my second cup

Hello everyone, I know you answer tons of "Buying decisions" and "Please help" posts, but who else could we turn to, you are the experts :D

I am 28 yrs old, not very active, have had 2 vaginal births and with medium flow. The cup I have been using for over a year is a large meluna classic with a ring. I also have the medium meluna classic because I wasn't sure which size would suit me best so I got the reasonably priced starter kit. The medium was small for me, as it leaked and would easily slide out when I pull even when it has fully opened.

So you might wonder what my problem is. I LOVE using a cup, and wouldn't go back now that I have tried it, but my large meluna always leaks on day 1 (sometimes on 2nd or 3rd day) even when it is just half full. I always wear panty liners because of trust issues! I am 100% sure that it has opened and has formed a seal, because I can turn it around and I feel the suction and tug when I pull on it. So I was thinking maybe I need a cup with a bigger diameter. The problem with that is a bigger cup will probably be longer and my large meluna sometimes bothers me a bit as I feel it poking out. I have tried locating my cervix (while on my period) and can reach it before getting my second knuckle in. So I'm guessing that's a low cervix?

I want to get a new cup that addresses these issues and to use my meluna as a back up. I haven't tried a silicon cup before so I can't compare firmness. Any input on that?

I thought of getting a meluna XL shorty but I'm worried about capacity since my L already leaks. I also thought of a large fleurcup but I'm concerned about it's hight and I'm not sure how comfortable a stem would be (I really like the ring!). I emailed the company asking about colors and they said only clear is available now, I hear that clear ones yellowed and looked dingy after some use.

I'm looking for something that wouldn't break the bank, as I don't want to pay a lot for a cup that may not work for me. Unfortunately I'm not in the US so I can't really buy anything from mc_sales.

Sorry for the long post. Any brands recommendation or advice that helps me keep using cups would be greatly appreciated :)
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Insertion with one finger


I've posted this to reddit but not many people were able to answer me.

I'm thinking about buying Lunette cup and I've been watching videos about insertion in advance. Are you supposed to put two fingers in, while inserting? I'm really confused because I'm definitely not able to do that by myself. Is there a way how to insert it just with 1 finger in vagina, eg. like tampon? Are there any good videos about it?

Also, do I need to stick two fingers in for removing?

Basically, can I use menstual cup just with one finger?

Thank you.