July 10th, 2015

is it me?

First cycle with Diva Cup

Hello! I'm close to finishing my first cycle with a Diva Cup. So far there is a lot to love. I'm doing okay with inserting and removing and have had very little leaking. My one and only issue is that I can not pee with it in! Is it something I am doing wrong or is it the harder rim on the cup? I'm inserting it as horizontally as possible and have even tried turning it inside out. Nothing has worked. I did buy the larger size as I'm 35 and have had one child vaginally. I do have a fairly heavy flow the first couple days and then it's light for the next 3-4 days. Taking it out every time to pee isn't horrible the first couple days since I have a heavier flow but doing that every time is leaving me a bit raw...and defeats the purpose of being able to leave it in for 10 hours. Any help or advice would be so appreciated!

Low Cervix Cup Question

First of all I want to say thank you for what a wonderful resource this site is and all the helpful information you have made available. It has been extremely helpful.

A little background first. I am 37 and have had 2 children. My uterus is extremely tipped. Every medical professional who has ever done any type of exam always comments on the severity of the tilt. My cervix is also very low. During my cycle it is really only up as far as my fingernail length on my index finger. I have a repetitively light flow. I also run regularly.

I decided to try the LENA size small cup. I honestly can't remember all the reasons I decided to go with that cup, but I spent the better part of an entire day reading on this site to determine which one to go with. I emailed the company and they recommended that I go with a size small, even though I have had children, due to the positioning of my uterus and the fact I have never been able to get tampons to work for me. This is my first cycle using it.

Overall, I love a lot about the cup and it *almost* works perfectly for me. I can get it in easily, it opens well, I have not had a single drop leak. It didn't budge on my run or during pilates. But I just can't seem to get it in high enough to be 100% comfortable. I have tired several different folds and it always settles juts a little too low. I completely removed the stem and yet a little bit of the cup pokes out. That was causing some chaffing. I turned the cup inside out so the gripper rings wouldn't rub. That helped a lot, but I still can't seem to get it to go in high enough. I can kind of get it higher by inserting it, then pushing up around the ring as far as possible, then kind of poking at the bottom of it up and back, then doing several kegels.

Now for my questions...

Is this as good as it gets when my cervix is so low? Do you all know any other tricks for getting it in higher when my cervix is so low? Should I be worried that my cervix is so low? It is significantly higher when I am not on my period. By comparing sizes, it looks like the small LENA is one of the shorter cups. Have any of you who have a very low cervix had better luck with one of the cups specifically for low cervix? I looked at several online and many said they need your cervix to be at least 2 inches up. Mine is nowhere near that high during my actual period. I'm tempted to try another cup but don't want to waste the money to have the same experience, especially when this one is tolerable.