June 11th, 2015

First-timer: trouble with the stem

Hello and thank you for being here. I've been reading this forum for a long time, trying to work up the nerve to get a menstrual cup and now that I finally have, I'm giving it a dry run before my periods start.

I had some trouble inserting it, but have managed on a second attempt. (And hoping I won't have any adventures with first-time taking-out!) It's quite uncomfortable, especially when I'm standing or walking (but I can't feel it if I'm sitting down), but I put it down to not getting it high enough and also newbie jitters. But I do have a question:

- I have a Silky Cup (http://www.silkycup.com/) which comes with a short stem. I can feel the stem poking me. It might be because I've inserted it at an angle, but I wanted to know if there are others here who've had trouble with a pokey stem and what they do about it. I'm not confident enough to cut it off, so that's not an option (yet).