June 9th, 2015

Over-boiled my Diva Cup!

So yeah, I know that this has been posted on before, but I'd rather get just a little extra information before I decide. I burned my Diva Cup just a tiny bit (as in really tiny). The water ran out when I boiled it because I got on the computer (Yes, dumb thing to do, I know...). My mom thankfully rescued it before it actually caught flame, but there's a whitish film on the bottom of the pot now. And then, my cup seemed to look a little powdery after I took it out and a couple of stained spots. After I washed it with a little mild soap, it looks fine, except for a tiny flaw in the silicone that's about a millimeter wide and two millimeters long. It's just on the surface. The silicone smells slightly burnt. I'm freaked out about putting it in my body again. My mom keeps saying it should be fine and that's it's only slightly scorched. I don't know what to do really.