June 5th, 2015

Cups proactive in relieving cramps?

Many cup-users report fewer menstrual cramps while using a cup, which is pretty snazzy; but I always thought this was because if you are using a cup, you are not using tampons. Basically, you'd get the same cramps if you were only using pads--the absence of tampons alone is the deciding factor.

BUT, I noticed something. My period always starts with a rather acute pain in my cervix. It's pretty uncomfortable, though not unmanageable. When this happens, I know my period is starting, and I go to put in my large Fleur cup*. Almost instantly, the acute cervical pain disappears.

Is it possible that the cup is proactively relieving the cramp? Like maybe it's creating more space between my cervix and vaginal walls and this helps relieve pressure?

What do you folks think?

*The large FLeur is short and wide. I'm pretty sure it sits higher up and around my cervix.