June 3rd, 2015

MA - Kirsten Dunst "powder puff" 2

new to the diva cup...

this is my first cycle using my divacup 2. I get it in and it pops open but sometimes when i feel around the bottom to make sure it's open it feels a bit dimpled like it's really suctioned so of course that makes me think it's going to leak so i mess with it (using kegels, twisting, and scootching it up and down) til i have to take it out and start over. if i would leave it like that would it leak? cus it's in the right spot and it's open all the way I do feel around to make sure. I am on my heavy day right now. I haven't had any leaks at all so far. I just don't want to leak especially since i am on my way to bed, so i thought i would ask you ladies who are knowledgeable about the cups. thank you in advance
  • mszizi

Problem opening the cup once inside

Hi! So, I bought a large Iriscup from amazon on the day I received the cuplee. I have mailed the cuplee back to the company to received a refund. The reason that I returning the cuplee I have written a separate post but it went into the moderation queue, not sure when it will be posted. Last night, auntie red came knocking so I was very excited that I can tried my iriscup. I used the 7 fold because the tip is small so less painful to insert for me. But after I inserted the cup, it stay flatten. I tried pulling the stem to open the cup. After what seems like a very long time, I just pull the cup out. Can any soft cup users give me any tip on opening the cup. Oh! I tried the labia fold first but it hurt when I tried to insert so I used the 7 fold like I have with the juju cup.

So I tried the diamond fold while sitting on the toilet. I was not able to insert the whole cup in because when it was half way in, the latter part just want to pop open and my fingers aren't strong enough to hold the cup in shape. I tried a few time then went back to the triangular fold. The cup went in but it was flat and suctioned to the cervix.... I spent a lot of time to remove it and I couldn't...(a little anxious). But, I thought I should just go make dinner first and came back to it later. I was able to remove it later, yay!!! But my stomach hurts afterward XD I also found out that my cerivx was 2 knuckles in with my middle finger. Maybe I should get the small iris... but would it be as hard to pop open as the large?