May 27th, 2015

Need help on which cup to buy!

Hi all,

This website has been great to skim through, but I think I need specific help. So I heard amazing reviews about using a menstrual cup, specifically the Diva Cup. I went out and bought one (a year ago) and used it. I folded it and inserted it but wasn't able to spin it, so I didn't. It felt weird, so being so used to tampons, I pushed it up a little higher, but I could still get ahold of the stem. I checked on it a few mins later and the stem had disappeared. Then, it turned sideways (what?!) and the stem was super hard to get to. Let's just say it was looong (and stressful) time to get it out, which scared me away from the cup. But now I am about to move to another country where tampons aren't sold and trashcans in bathrooms aren't readily available so I really want to give the cup a go again... I just need help figuring out which one to buy! I had no idea there were so many options. I am 23, have not had children, and I think I have a high cervix. Also, I could not get the Diva Cup to spin and did not know how to check if it had opened at initial insert. Once it rode up it had opened. Not sure if this is enough information but thanks in advanced for your help!