May 22nd, 2015

Now carrying the diva cup!!

I work at a store. I did a planogram today for femenine hygene. Well anyways i was looking at the paper to see what new products we have. Then i saw it. The store is gonna start carrying the diva cup!!! Im excited. I cant wait til they actually get here so we can put them on the shelf!! I really cant wait til i sell one!! The store now carrying a menstrual cup i really hope people stop and look at it and switch to it! I would probably mention to them that online they have different ones and even colors!! Im just so happy the store is now gonna carry a menstrual cup! Overall im EXCITED!!!

  • mszizi

Where are you!? cuplee~

I hope it is okay that I vent a little. If it's not, just let me know and I will delete the post. I'm still waiting for my large cuplee that I ordered on the millady website since the 3rd of April... I contacted the company last week, the representative said the longest wait was 8 weeks... At this point, I just want to cancel the order and buy it from the Femininewear website. It will be 56 days which is 8 weeks on the 28the of this month... Not sure what are my options at this point. Also, I don't think I will be able to use the new cup in June, very little hope. By the way, if I know I have to wait 2 months, I will buy the cup from other places >.<

Did any of cuppers from the u.s. buy their cups from the femininewear website, how long was your wait?

New update: Today, I went out and there was no package outside of my front door, I was disappointed again. Everyday, I'm hoping I will see a package in front of my door. However, when I went to check on my p.o box at the post office, I saw a orange slip that said I have a package delivered on May 22. It's my cuplee! I was happy that the cup has finally arrived! But, I was unhappy that I have to wait until Tuesday to pick it up at the post office, since Monday is a holiday. I'm excited about the cup but I'm also unhappy with the cuplee company. Because after I submitted my order, I sent a message about mailing to my current address not my p.o box. They said okay. Apparently, they are not capable of keeping their words to customer. If they had used the address that I specifically asked them to use, I would have received the cup on Friday and I don't have to wait till Tuesday.

When I was submitting the order, I used my current address not the p.o box when I was filling out the order about where to ship. However, p.o. box address was on my paypal account. As a result, I sent them a separate message about which address to use.

Conclusion: Happy that the cup has arrived! But, unhappy about the company. If I ever want to buy another cuplee, I will not buy from the cuplee website. Also, thank to all the cuppers who replied to my post about the time frame to receive the cup from feminineware site! Much appreciated! I will go with feminineware next too!