May 17th, 2015

My Divacup 1 is stuck. It's been in for 24 hours and I will list everything I've tried.

Hi. Topaz here. First time Diva cup user. I regret this cup so much - clearly the fit isn't right. I did so much research! Such a let down. I'm going to get a longer cup with a longer stem for my next cup. This is just silly.

So, there I was. Nearing the end of period. I am thrilled with the diva. It's easy to put in and take out (until now), convenient and environmentally responsible. So much better than tampons. I have a heavy flow - Diva said no problem. Took care of me really well. No leaks even when riding my horse and biking.

Last night I thought I heard the pop. Now I'm sure I didn't. I woke up this morning and the cup went poof just totally vanished up my vag. And I'm not a virgin so I sent in the troops.

Excavating in the bath didn't work. Bearing down didn't work. I can't even find the stem. I don't know if it's upside down or not.

The second brave soldier I sent up after my fingers was a spoon. Went up along the back wall to get it out. Squatted to shorten the canal. I felt something that was hard and plastic-feeling. Eureka! So it's up there. Waaaay up there. Somewhere in my nether regions.

I drank a vodka cooler to help loosen the pelvic floor muscles. Now (at 1:30am my poor neighbours) I'm breaking out the vibrator. I read the whole internet on this subject and figured a little muscle-loosening alcohol can't hurt.

I already did the panicking/thinking I'd have to go to the ER. Now I'm just content to let it sit and try everything you guys throw at me. Please help.

Things I've tried:
- warm bath
- drinking alcohol
- getting turned on/masturbating
- using a spoon (I felt it last night for a second)
- using a spoon again
- using a plethora of different spoons
- squatting, lying down, birth position, on my side, standing
- relaxing
- sleeping - giving my vag a break to try again this morning
- another hotter bath
- lots of lubricant
- a longer spoon
- (while drunk) tried to get my hand inside to find it. No luck and it killed like a Mofo.

Things I am going to try:
Having my bf help (poor guy)
Buying a speculum at my local kink store to see if we can locate it that way
Clitoral stimulation (again) to try and loosen up the area around it.

Thanks in advance. This community is awesome.


Topaz 20 year old but still clueless

Menstrual Cup Insertion & Leaking Problems

I'm 13 years old, virgin, and my last 4 or 5 cycles have been me trying to get a learning curve around the menstrual cup, and I run into the same problem each time.

The First Problem: It never really opens up. I can get it in there with ease, but nearly 3/4 of the time it just won't open in there. I've tried different folds and insert positions, but it still doesn't go in. If I do get it to pop open, I'm then left with a paranoia because I don't really know the felt difference between the cup being open and there compared to the cup being open and suctioned in place. It gets to a point where I'm stuck reinserting it so many times I just can't use it any more because I'm frustrated beyond belief and I've irritated the vagina with so much action.

The Second Problem: If I do manage to get the cup in, it leaks. I have a sort of medium-heavy flow, and it leaks. The only time it doesn't leak is when I near the end of the cycle, but this is probably only because there's no blood to really pass by and leak through. I've tried sitting it low and up high, but its of no use. (Additionally, while browsing on here I found a solution where you put it up so the cervix is in the cup, but I'm not quite sure how to do that right.)

I started with a Lunette Model 1, but I tried switching to Diva Cup's Model 1 to see if it would fix. Both have the same problem, but the leaking is worse with DivaCup.

Any help or ideas?
  • yeb90

Cup for Exercising

Hi All!

I'm back with more questions. My first cup, a small Si-bell has been great aside for some, now inexplicably resolved, rectal pressure. I was even able to wear it during ballet class with no leaking. However, I think a semester of ballet and my recent discovery of AcroYoga (the most fun I've had in a long time!) have strengthened my pelvic floor muscles. The Si-bell is still fine when I'm just hanging out or walking around, but now when I exercise with it in it leaks. I'm now looking for a firmer cup, but not one that's too firm as I'm worried it will cause rectal pressure.

I'm 22, a virgin, and I have a moderately low cervix. Maybe a Lunette or Fleur (is the Fleur firmer or just as soft as the Si-bell?)? Also, I've tried a small Cuplee and Organicup size A and liked how removal felt for them better than the Si-bell. However, they both leak, the Cuplee always and the Organicup when I exercise. I'm not sure if that's due to size (for the Cuplee), softness (probably for the Organicup), shape or some combination of these factors. One last thing. I do a lot of inversions during AcroYoga and one of the times my cup leaks is when I turn back upright. Do you think I'll be able to find a cup that doesn't leak in this scenario? Maybe I should also add, I love the quality of the Si-bell's silicone (definitely the nicest of the three cups I've tried) and prefer a matte cup.

Sorry for the long post. If you've gotten to the end of it, thank you for staying with me!