April 18th, 2015

Magic Bassrose Menstrual Cup

I know we have seen a cup similar to this, but I have never actually seen a demonstration on YouTube. I think its interesting because they show the demonstration with water, but menstrual blood has a way different composition. I can't imagine using this cup. Anyone know someone who has actually tried this cup? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbKp8JZb-d4

Edit: Oh! I was looking up patents for menstrual cups and there is a patent for an inflatable menstrual cup. Now THAT was interesting to read!

Do stems "anchor" the cup?

So, I took the plunge and cut the short, elasticky stem off my Gaia - have commented in many posts how it seemed to just "get in the way" during removal.

No sooner do I do that, than I notice an unexpected result: the Gaia seems to tilt to one side or another more often, it can be hard to find the true bottom to remove it. And one morning (good thing I was wearing backup during the night) it had even completely turned itself sideways! It did not open like usual (this cup I never check), stayed in a C-fold all night and by the morning, was horizontal. Hmmm.

Makes me wonder whether those short stems aren't just for removal, but sort of "anchor" the cup and keep it from turning sideways?

Please give me some advice :)

I was fascinated by the idea of having a menstrual cup but I still can't get one in! I purchased the small Ladycup a while ago. I'm scared that it will pop open before I get the rim of the cup in. My question is how far in do you put the cup before you let it pop open? I feel like there is a ridge down there that the cup needs to pass before it is far in enough and so that I can let go... Also, do you put your fingers in when you are inserting it? I've watched youtube videos and it seems that they insert their thumb and finger in with the cup.
I can't seem to hold the Ladycup long enough in the punch down fold before it starts unfolding since the rim is quite stiff so would a softer cup be better? I was thinking of the Iriscup because it isn't as soft as the Meluna soft or Cuplee. But I've also heard that it's quite similar to the Ladycup. I'm 22 years old and I've never had a child. I think I have a low to medium cervix but I can't quite get 2 fingers in. I also have trouble getting in large tampons, I can only insert slim regular tampons.

Thanks in advance! I know there are a few questions in there but any help would be great. I really want to learn to use a cup and have a stress free period :)