April 16th, 2015

Need some Encouragement and Maybe Some Tips

After my issues with leaking for seemingly no reason and the disaster I had at work this morning, I need some encouragement to keep trying with the cup. I'm certainly liking my Ruby Cup better than my Diva cup (even after enlarging the holes), but I have trouble getting them to pop open fully around my cervix rather than partially or against it. I tried one insertion tip for popping open using the punch-down fold (since I get the crooked cup problem with the c-fold) but I couldn't get it to open at all until I pulled it out and it snapped open, flinging blood all over the walls of the public restroom at work. After that horror story (including apologizing to my boss for my extended bathroom break) I just want to give up and not have to figure out the leaking issue either. Any encouragement or tips would be appreciated.
P.S. A detailed definition of residual slobber vs leaking would also be very much appreciated.

Experienced cup user needs HELP!

Hello all!

Joined Livejournal just so I could ask questions about using cups.

My stats: Age 30, 2 children via c-section. Cycle has gotten heavier between children. I have never filled my cup more than about 60%, even using overnight.

I have used a Ladycup for a couple of years now between pregnancies. I have a large and cut the stem all the way off. I always insert using a "U" fold.

Here are the issues I am having:

1. Day 1, insertion leaves me very crampy and full feeling. It's like it takes the cup a couple of days to "settle" or something. I find it more comfortable on day 3 and 4.

2. SUCTION! I did read the post on suction, but the cup goes where it wants. It "sucks" all the way up and then I can feel it open across my cervix. Feels about the equivalent of having a pap done. It's actually how I know the cup popped open. Not sure if this is normal? It makes a fairly prominent noise (sorry, TMI!!!) on removal, too. I am plus-sized and carry my weight around my middle (I am about a US size 14/16), and reaching "up there" is sometimes difficult, so I don't think I can actually reach up to the rim to break the seal. Because of the firmness of the rim and the softness of the body on a Ladycup, it doesn't seem like squeezing the bottom is very effective in breaking the seal.

3. I feel like the cup is too long in the beginning of my cycle. Again, towards the middle of my period it is more comfortable, but even without the stem the cup itself can feel "poky". Hope that makes sense!

4. Difficulty urinating. It's hard to pee with it in, and I pee a lot more than I need to clean out my cup, so removal to urinate is not ideal.

5. I am not having leaking, but wondering if the cup is too wide? I *think* my muscles are squishing it a bit. The rim is open, but the cup itself is always dented when I am wearing it. I am hesitant to go with a firmer cup due to my aforementioned pressure/urination issues.

BASED ON THESE 5 THINGS, would you recommend a different cup? Am I doing it wrong?

Thank you ladies, any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

Advice please

I hope someone doesn't mind helping...

I've used the diva cup size one for a couple cycles now. It keeps leaking! Like murder scene style! It's leaked while being active, while sitting, while sleeping too. Sometimes there is only a small amount of menstrual fluid inside the cup, other times it's pretty much empty.
I know it has popped open all the way because I have literally felt it pop open inside of me. Also, I've felt around the edges and it's nice, smooth, and open.
I don't know if I've ever felt my cervix. I have felt around in there and don't think I've reached it. But I must admit-I'm not really familiar with the inside of my vagina.
My stem has been trimmed pretty much all the way because it kept poking me.
Another problem I've had with it is bladder pressure-I feel like I need to urinate all the time even if I've just gone. I also have trouble urinating if I don't take the cup out.
Oh- I am 30 years old, no children, and slightly to moderately active.
I really don't know what to do. I think I just need a different cup but have no idea if I need a softer, wider, and shorter cup??
Thank you so much in advance. I'm so glad there is a community like this in existence!